The internet and social media exploded over the weekend as a car used the wrong drive-thru at Taco Bell in Lake Charles. They decided to drive right into the lobby of the building instead and it was caught on video inside the restaurant.

We all know that Taco Bell is known as the after-hours go-to restaurant after a night out on the town and usually stays open late to cater to that late-night going out crowd. But this is ridiculous.

The incident happened at Taco Bell located on the corner of Kirkman Street and East Prien Lake Road in Lake Charles. From the date and time on the video, it looks like this happened last Friday night, May 6th around 9:00 pm.

In the video you are about to watch, you will see a Lake Charles police SUV on the scene and a wrecker already on the scene.  The guy videoing the incident, Bradley Laningham, asked the same question we all will have while watching this, How in the world do you go into the lobby of the Taco Bell?

Check out this video.

Now there was no word if the person driving the vehicle was injured or if any of the workers inside the restaurant were hurt.  We are sure the Lake Charles Police did an investigation to see if the driver was impaired in any way.

It is unknown if the restaurant is still open. If so, it will be the drive-thru only because by the looks of it, the dine-in area is permanently closed for a while.

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