WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, released a statement today following the Senate Health Committee passage of the Lower Health Care Costs Act which includes 14 separate provisions authored or led by Cassidy to lower the cost of prescription drugs, protect patients from surprise medical bills, increase price transparency in health care, improve public health, and protect the private data of patients.

 “This is a set of proposals that will benefit patients, addressing both their physical health and financial health,” said Dr. Cassidy. “The provisions I drafted were a result of speaking with patients and constituents in Louisiana—because of their input, patients across Louisiana and the United States will benefit.”

During the hearing, Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander commended Cassidy for his work to end surprise medical bills:

“Senators Cassidy and Hassan, and Murkowski have done valuable work to solve surprise medical billing by proposing a solution last Fall, and again this Spring, lighting a fire under Congress to end this harmful practice,” said Chairman Alexander. “I thank them for their dedication on the issue and working with Senator Murray and me toward a result.”

 Cassidy’s specifically seeks to Protect Patients Against Surprise Medical Bills, provide Legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs, Improve Transparency in Health Care, Improve Public Health, and to Ensure the safety of patient data.

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