Congressman Garret Graves, Twitter

Congressman Garret Graves has been named the Chairman of House Water Resources Subcommittee. Graves says this panel has jurisdiction over the Army Corp of Engineers, EPA, and other issues that greatly effect Louisiana. The Baton Rouge Republican says he’ll be in position to speak up for Louisiana during times of natural or manmade disasters.

“Finally gives Louisiana a voice in front of those key agencies and on some of these key issues effecting out state and start imposing more common sense on their policies.”

Graves will use this position to push for the construction of flood control projects. He says while many people say money is saved by not building flood mitigation programs, that’s not the case in Louisiana.

“We spend billions of dollars after a disaster instead of spending millions of dollars actually protecting an area before a flood or other disaster occurs.”

Graves, who once served as the chairman of the coastal protection and restoration authority, says he plans to use his experience to make sure the Army Corp of Engineers delivers on flood protection and coastal restoration projections or give the funds to a local agency.

“And allow them to move these projects forward instead of leaving so many people in limbo waiting on a project that protects them to be built.”