One couple had a little too much fun at an Ohio amusement park, and it got them into some trouble with the law.

David Davis and Heather Johnson, both 32, were arrested and charged with public indecency after allegedly being caught having sex aboard a Ferris Wheel at Cedar Point amusement park over the weekend.

Via: Courtney Moore
Via: Courtney Moore

According to WKYC -- local officials say the couple was spotted doing the deed inside the cart just after dark and were seen by fellow riders, including minors. Witnesses say the couple wasn't even trying to hide it.

Here's the best/funniest part -- the couple originally tried to deny having sex. They said the woman dropped her pack of cigarettes inside the Ferris wheel cart and was bending over to pick them up.

Yeah, ok.

The couple will be in court on Monday, and if convicted, they could both face up to 180 days in jail.

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