19 year old Aaryn Smiley, daughter of radio host and comedian Rickey Smiley, was caught in the crossfire during a road-rage incident (that she was not even involved in) over the Fourth of July weekend.

Rickey Smiley revealed the news on his radio show yesterday to a shocked group of co-hosts as he emotionally explained the situation and his thoughts on it all. The radio clip was posted via Instagram @rickeysmileyofficial (5:20)

Rickey Smiley has been keeping his concerned followers up-to-date via his Instagram, posting this image yesterday

All in all, 5 people were injured in the shooting according to Rickey Smiley. He went back to Instagram to share some extremely scary messages from his daughter

Aaryn, who just recently turned 19, expressed how scared she was being alone due to hospital protocol surrounding COVID-19. She also recognized how lucky she is to be alive.

Rickey shared another image of a bloody car seat with a message from his daughter that reads, "This is the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. I won't be out of the hospital for a while nor will I be able to walk due to nerve damage". I will not share that image here due to its nature, but you can find it on Instagram @rickeysmileyofficial. His daughter also said in the message, "I'm so sorry if I can't respond to everyone but please know I'm thankful for all of the messages".

I am in no place to speak on what Aaryn, Rickey, and the rest of the Smiley family are feeling right now. This situation is unimaginable and I am just happy that everyone involved is alive.

What I am blown away by is how Rickey Smiley is responding to the situation. He immediately comes from a place of empathy, citing all of the parents around the country who have to deal with the death of a child due to gun violence. He is also extremely grateful that his daughter is alive and that she will make it out of this terrible situation OK.

I encourage you to watch this last video which shows Rickey Smiley's raw emotions about the entire situation.

End the gun violence.


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