Investigation Discovery aired a two-hour documentary Monday night called “Sugar Town,” which examined the controversial death of Victor White the Third.

The 22-year-old black man died from a gunshot wound sustained while handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser in New Iberia. State Police and the Iberia Parish coroner say White shot himself, but White’s family says no way. Journalist Tony Brown agrees.
“It is a Houdini handcuff suicide mystery that we haven’t seen since where is Jimmy Hoffa.”

Brown says the investigation has been filled with inconsistencies. He points to the police report that says White shot himself in the back, but the coroner’s report says the bullet entered the front of his body…

“Which is physically impossible and insults the intelligence of every decent Louisiana resident.”

Earlier this year, White’s family settled a federal civil lawsuit with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s office. The amount of that settlement is not publicly known. Brown is glad White’s case will receive more national attention with the airing of “Sugar Town”.

“When the law becomes lawless that not only becomes problematic for Louisiana residents but it is also problematic for the rest of the country.”

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