Our Louisiana State Police will be out and about and very visible throughout the state this 4th of July weekend.

Naturally, this is the case generally during any Holiday week or weekend. This one in particular, though, is shaping up to be a big one. This is our largest holiday since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted a few months ago. Obviously, no state celebrates harder than Louisiana, and by all accounts this 4th of July is shaping up to be one of our biggest ever.

After all, we couldn't do much celebrating last 4th of July as our country was shut-down and life was dramatically different.

Ah, what a difference a year makes.

If you put two-and-two together, you'll realize quickly that everything I listed above will lead an uptick in State Police presence across our state. It's their job to keep us safe, and our roadways safe, Expect our state police to be deployed throughout the state in increased numbers as they attempt to keep as many impaired drivers off our roadways this holiday weekend.

Earlier this week, Louisiana State Announced a partnership with Mississippi Highway Patrol and Alabama Law Enforcement Agency called, "0-8 on 10, One Road, One Mission.” The focus of the partnership is to promote good driving behavior this fourth of July weekend. They'll be looking for travelers who are impaired, not using their seatbelts, and aggressive. In their announcement, they also singled-out that they'll be watching for drivers who fail to move over if an emergency vehicle is parked on the side of the road.

I shouldn't have to say this, but let's be smart this weekend. Absolutely we should celebrate and have a good time, but we must do it responsibly no matter what. Ubers and Lyfts will be out in droves this weekend. No excuses, let's have a fun, safe 4th of July!


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