With so much negativity in the world, when we have an opportunity to share a good, heartwarming story, we jump at the opportunity.

This one involves lost toys, a family from Oklahoma, the Louisiana State Police, and a happy ending.

The Pettitt family were on their way to Biloxi a little over a week ago. And, as families traveling with three little ones will need a few things for a road trip, their Suburban was packed with quite a few things.

It was filled so much that somewhere along the "wonderfully smooth" roadways between their stop in Hammond on their way to Mississippi, the vehicle's back hatch wasn't properly latched and it stayed jarred open for a good stretch. Apparently, the family drove a good hour with things slowly falling out, with no one flagging them down to let them know such a thing was happening.

The family says while relatively few things were lost, they did lose their boys' Under Armour backpack with all of their 12" Power Rangers and action figures in them.

Mom Chaeli Pettitt says in a Facebook post chronicling the family's misfortune that she simply reached out to the Louisiana State Police to report the bag in hopes that someone would find it and they could get their little boys' toys back.

It was the LSP's response that makes this story great. Even though they, unfortunately, did not locate the bag, they asked the family to meet them at the Target in Hammond on their way home.

When the family arrived at Target, a Trooper Huggins and his family were there to greet the Pettitt family. You see, his family decided to gift the boys some new action figures. Additionally, the Pettitt kids received Louisiana Police teddy bears and Louisiana Police t-shirts.

Chaeli summed up the entire story most fittingly with four lessons she and her family learned:

  1. There's still good in this world.
  2. Material items can be replaced.
  3. Don't trust technology.
  4. Always double check.

Read the posts on Facebook by Chaeli Pettitt and the Louisiana State Police that chronicle the story in detail which also include pictures and videos from the toy gifting interaction between Trooper Huggins and the boys.

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