Popular gaming vendor, GameStop, claims it is an essential business as hundreds of their stores remain open despite the intensifying coronavirus outbreak.

CNN reports that GameStop locations across the United States are still open in places like New York and New Jersey, even after these states have ordered non-essential retail to close.

The company argues that it is an "essential" business during this time because it offers electronics like mice and keyboards that could help people work from home.

Some employees tell the news outlet however that the company is keeping its stores open to profit off of a video game shopping spree that is taking place during the global pandemic.
At this time online stores are seeing a rise in video game sales as more people are forced to stay home.
Popular PC gaming store, Steam, is reported 21 million users Friday which is an all-time high for the company.
In recent years, GameStop has been seen to struggle financially, closing several stores across the United States with a considerable amount of layoffs.

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