One of the declared candidates for the Lafayette City Parish Mayor/President's race is Carlee Alm-Labar.

You might remember Carlee from her time with Lafayette's Consolidated Government in her role as the director of the Development and Planning Department under the administration of Joel Robideaux.

Alm-Labar had also served as former Lafayette City Parish President Joey Durel's Chief Development Officer.

She was the person who saw Durel's vision through for the Unified Development Code and Plan Lafayette.

Alm-Labar has volunteered for multiple community projects. In the following segments, she shares her story with Bernadette Lee on UpClose.

Carlee has been a public servant for Lafayette for years helping out with multiple projects including CASA and Project Front Yard.

Carlee expresses her love for the Lafayette community and her passion to continue to serve Lafayette as the next Lafayette City Parish Mayor/President.

So far Carlee Alm-Labar and Josh Guillory have declared their candidacies for the job of Lafayette's Mayor/President. Alm-Labar says there is no doubt that Lafayette is not only her home, but Lafayette is her heart.