Governor Edwards addresses some of the issues that will be the benchmarks of his second term.  Following a reinvestment in higher education and the locking in a pay raise for public school teachers in his first term, Edwards says his focus on education will continue.

“Early childhood will be my highest priority for new educational investments in the second term but it is also true that our teachers need and deserve additional pay raises to get them at least to the southern average,” said Edwards.

Edwards says infrastructure will remain a top priority.

“We’re going to additional projects that are going to be funded above and beyond what would ordinarily be possible just through the normal state highway priority program and the transportation trust fund dollars,” said Edwards.

Edwards says he will entertain the idea of rolling back the .45 percent state sales tax, but it is dependent on what the revenue estimating conference shows for a particular year and what economists show for the outlook.

“I’m not going to support any effort that would just prematurely put our state back into the fiscal instability that we worked so hard to recover from,” said Edwards.

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