Governor John Bel Edwards addresses the tweets of the President that has gained the attention of the nation. During the Ask the Governor call-in radio show, Edwards says for years he has felt the political discourse in the country has turned toxic and the recent tweets are an example of that.

“It’s anything but civil and it really doesn’t lend itself to the kind of conversations that we need to have that actually develop consensus and unity and allow folks to get together and actually govern effectively,” said Edwards.

Edwards says he believes the President’s remarks in the tweets were out of bounds.

“We ought to all aspire to do better than that, quite frankly.  I think it’s incumbent on all of us and certainly, I’m mindful of that as Governor that we need to have the most civil political discourse that we can,” said Edwards.

Congressman Ralph Abraham, who is running for governor, made a statement saying he would fund the travel expenses to send the four congresswomen targeted by the controversial tweets to other countries.  Edwards says it is unfortunate to hear of Abraham making such a statement.

“Whether its good politics, I guess we’ll know in time.  That’s certainly not the way I would conduct myself, something I would say.  Louisianians are better than that and hopefully, they will demand better than that of their Governor,” said Edwards.

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