Seven new firefighters will officially join the ranks at the Lafayette Fire Department according to Lafayette Fire Department Spokesman Alton Trahan via a press release.

Trahan says that the new additions have spent sixteen weeks working a rigorous program in order to become new firefighters for Lafayette.

There are several aspects of the program that must be attained in order for these individuals to be prepared to fight fires and save people's lives.

Weeks of training feature  a variety of different aspects that recruits must master in order to graduate from the program, and they include the following:

  • Recruits study fire chemistry.
  • Recruits study the principles of fire behavior and what to expect.
  • They spend time learning about structural design.
  • They learn about a slew of firefighting tactics.
  • Recruits master the various forms of water application.
  • They master search and rescue efforts.
  • Recruits are trained in Emergency Medical Services.
  • They learn about hose lays.

Trahan says they spend the weeks learning all of these tactic and more during hands-on training along with classroom instruction. He says each of the seven have a desire to help the public and earn the rank of firefighter. Often firefighters are the first responders that are on the scene of emergency situations.

A graduation ceremony will take place on Friday, May 14 at the Lafayette Fire Training Center. Their ceremony will start at 9 o'clock in the morning. The event is open to anyone in the public who would like to attend. The address for the center is at 300 North Dugas Road.

This is the 104th firefighter graduation ceremony for the Lafayette Fire Department. Trahan adds that they are "honored and fortunate to have these individuals join our organization."

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