The Love It/Lock It campaign has informed KPEL that the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office was contacted by officials with the Camp Verde, Arizona police department about the recovery of a gun stolen from an unlocked vehicle in Lafayette in late 2014. Camp Verde detectives ere unable to recover the gun or apprehend the suspects at that time.

Camp Verde police responded to a call last week about shots fired at a residence.The weapon was accidentally discharged, but officers there ran the gun’s serial number and it found that it was reported stolen in Louisiana. The Arizona man who owns the gun purchased the gun through a private sale and did not know that is was stolen.

'The burglaries from unlocked vehicles are becoming more frequent in Lafayette, said Staff Sgt. Marc Broussard, Property Crimes supervisor, with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. 'And it’s hard to catch these criminals. Our clearance rate is about 20% which is higher than the national average.' The national average for burglary cases being solved is 12%. Further, nationally, less than 5% of guns stolen are ever recovered.
'Citizens must also take the action of ensuring their vehicles are locked every time they exit it. Especially at night, said Major Art LeBreton with Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. The Love It/Lock It Campaign aims to get every citizen in the habit of locking their vehicle every time they exit it.