The Lafayette Fire Department is still investigating after a home on Leroy Street was destroyed by a fire, but officially, no one was supposed to be living in the house.

While Lafayette Fire Investigator Alton Trahan says they don't have all of the information yet, they do know the fire started in the living room.

Trahan says they were told people could be seen going into and out of the house on several occasions, but no one was officially living at the home. There were no utilities hooked up to the home at 105 Leroy Street, but firefighters still had to search the home to make sure no one was inside.

It only took about ten minutes for the firefighters to get the blaze under control. They showed up to find the front room of the home burning, but it was put out. Now, investigators will have to figure out if someone set it on fire on purpose, or whether or not squatters might have set something on fire by accident.


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