Apparently, Rocco the tiny horse wanted his McFlurry too!

From an occasional flub like the time a cashier asked me "what size would I like my medium drink to be" to a fake skeleon prank as told by Reader's Digest, drive thru's can often times be the setting for some hilarious moments.

Rocco Patiently Waits For His Ice Cream

In a story out of New South Wales, Australia, a person waiting in a McDonald's drive thru captured a hilarious video of a small horse sitting in a car with his head out of the window. So, Donna Bevan decided to find out more - while getting it all on film!

At first, Donna thought it was a dog but that is clearly no dog!

As you heard, the tiny horse's name is Rocco and apparently "he (was) excited for his ice cream!" It sure looks like Rocco and his owner have done this before.

Thanks Donna Bevan for filming the moment and putting it on TikTok and to ABC7 Chicago for covering it.

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