House Democrats passed a sweeping elections reform package that includes major electoral changes such as making voting days federal holidays, automatic voter registration, and other substantial changes. Republican Congressman Ralph Abraham, who voted against the bill, calls it the Democrat Politician Protection Plan.

“The electoral system that you and I and the rest of the listeners know would be a thing of the past. It would be an extinct part of our American history.”

Democrats say the legislation would dramatically increase voter participation. Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell says the bill will not be considered in the Upper Chamber.

If passed, the legislation would also subsidize federal candidates by giving a six to one match for every dollar under 200 bucks donated to a candidates. Democrats say this allow candidates to run for office without needing major corporate backers, but Abraham says it’s highly inappropriate.
“Now we would be subsiding private payer money with taxpayer funds through campaign subsidies. This is not what we want our tax payer money to go towards.”

The legislation allows federal workers six paid vacation days a year to work at polling locations.

The proposal also seeks to create independent redistricting commissions to draw voting districts that it says would be more representative of the population, whereas current redistricting duties in Louisiana are handled by elected officials. Abraham says that’s a duty best left to the states.

“This takes every bit of power away from the local elections system. it’s just untenable.”

HR 1 would also require Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates to release tax information going back ten years.

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