Illegal narcotics worth over $140,000.00 was taken off the streets of Lafayette Parish this week.

23-year-old Carlos Peter Angelo Soprano has been arrested after Narcotics Agents with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office say they found the illegal narcotics, weapons and U.S. currency at a home in the 100 block of Darteze Drive in Lafayette.

The following illegal narcotics, firearms and U.S. currency were seized as part of the investigation:

  • Approximately 38.3 grams of Marijuana (DEA Street Value $766.00)
  • Approximately 4.6 grams of THC Oil (DEA Street Value $460.00)
  • Approximately 1088 grams of
    THC Butter (DEA Street Value $108,800.00)
  • Approximately 730 grams of Psilocybin (DEA
    Street Value $3,650.00)
  • Approximately 708 MDMA Tablets (DEA Street Value $21,240.00)
  • Approximately 47 grams of Cocaine (DEA Street Value $5,921.00)
  • 4 Amphetamine Tablets
    (DEA Street Value $40.00)
  • 167 Pills of Desvenlafaxine (DEA Street Value $1,570.00)
  • 3 handguns
  • $4,186.00 in U.S. currency

Soprano faces the following charges:

  • 3 counts of Possession with Intent to Distribute (PWITD) THC Butter, Pcilocybin and MDMA
  • Possession of THC Oil
  • PWITD Cocaine
  • Possession of Amphetamine Tablets
  • 3 counts of Possession of a Firearm in the Presence of Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS)
  • 2 counts of Possession of a Stolen Firearm, Monies Derived from Drug Proceeds