A community is in mourning following the tragic loss of a cherished educator and leader in Iberia Parish. Dina Bourque, principal of Iberia Middle School, died in a car crash early Thursday morning, according to multiple heartfelt tributes on social media and confirmed by KLFY News 10.

According to News 10, the crash occurred near the intersection of US 90 West Frontage Road and North Grand Prairie Road in New Iberia, shortly after the break of dawn. According to the New Iberia Police Department, a tractor pulling trailers of sugarcane on North Grand Prairie Road collided with Bourque's vehicle after failing to yield at a stop sign. The beloved principal was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to LinkedIn, Bourque has been at Iberia Middle School since 2016. Her journey in education, which began after graduating from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette in 1996, was marked by a deep devotion to her students and the community she served.

As news of her passing continues to spread, the school community and the entire region are saddened. Despite the profound loss, the school remains in session. News 10 says grief counselors have been made available to provide support to students and staff, helping them navigate through the emotional heartbreak.

The impact of Bourque's life extends far beyond the classrooms and corridors of Iberia Middle School. Tributes poured in from loved ones, colleagues, students, and those who knew her, painting a picture of a woman whose influence was as profound as it was heartfelt.

Facebook, Iberia Middle School
Facebook, Iberia Middle School

A family friend who was "practically raised by Bourque," described her as "warm... funny and kind. She was so caring and so selfless. She loved her students and her kids. Especially her grandkids."

As this story continues to develop, the legacy of Dina Bourque remains a symbol of the power of dedicated educators. Her life, though tragically cut short, continues to resonate in the lives of the many she inspired, taught, and led with such admirable dedication and love.

Our condolences go out to the family, friends, and loved ones of Dina Bourque and we will update this story when and if more information becomes available.

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