Trooper Stephen Hammons of the Louisiana State Police Troop I joined "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" today for another spirited discussion about the "rules of the road".  The discussion began this morning with Trooper Hammons telling listeners about the illegal practice of coloring brake lights.  He says, "it is illegal if you do have your lights like that needs to be taken care of it needs to be taken off" because it makes your brake lights much less visible to traffic behind you.  He says, "if you have done it to your vehicle, or you are considering doing it to your vehicle, realize that liability that's there.  You know if you are driving down the road, and  you slam on your brakes, and the other vehicle hits you from the know we're gonna wind up probably issuing both people a ticket."

In the final segment of our interview with Trooper Hammons he spent time reminding a listener that you must obey the speed limit that is posted, or you might get a ticket.  The gentleman admitted to driving 75 in a 70 mile-per-hour zone, and asked was it true there is a buffer zone of five to ten miles that trooper give to drivers before they are pulled over.  Hammons says, " It's as simple as this, first off it's a safety concern".  Hammons says anyone with concerns over being ticketed can contact Louisiana State Police Troop I at 262-5880.

This brief exchange between a man who got ticketed and Trooper Hammons highlights many aspects of the law.  Hear it below:

For more information about coloring your brake lights and safe traveling for motorcyclists, here the rest of the interview below: