Is the valve now open on the Russian soap opera drip?

With the latest development about Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a former Russian government attorney who allegedly had damaging information on Hillary Clinton, democrats now have their ace in the hole.  Trump Jr. says the meeting produced nothing and was a waste of time.  He did, however, open a can of worms by even meeting with the Russian lawyer, along with two other Trump campaign operatives.

Most political pundits I’ve heard say the meeting was not illegal, but it demonstrated poor judgement by the younger Trump.  It’s the appearance of impropriety that constitutes an ethical breach.  The meeting was a botched attempt at collusion, but was an attempt nonetheless.  Commentator Charles Krauthammer says the meeting was stupid, and was “a fundamental violation of any code of civic honor.”

Get ready for the verbal attacks by democrats.  Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, has already declared Trump Jr.’s action to be treason.  Kaine should know better, he’s a lawyer.  But first and foremost, he’s a ferocious attack dog.

Nobody knows what will transpire from the Trump-Russian lawyer meeting.  What will Special Counsel Bob Mueller find out and what will be the Counsel’s verdict about the meeting?  Only time will tell.

I’ve been sick and tired of the Russian story long before this latest development.

I like many of the actions taken by President Trump to reign in a federal government that is out of control.  But the president does bring on many of his own problems with his fast and furious reactionary words.  He’s always going to be his own person, but more statesman-like behavior, and more discipline in the White House would be a welcome and beneficial change from the president.

The changes in Washington the president is attempting threaten many establishment politicians, many in the media, and many rank-and-file citizens who want Washington to remain the same.

The fight for our country is basic.  Those on the left want to maintain and expand Big Government.  True conservatives are fighting for Limited Government.

Politics is a blood sport.  The official uniform is a set of sparkling white clothes.  Those who survive the battles must remain as stain-free as possible.  Put on a new set of clothes, Mr. President, and continue to fight the good fight.  America needs you.

-Mark Pope

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