GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israel's military is urging residents in parts of the Gaza Strip to leave their homes, ahead of what appears to be a broadening of the three-week war. In phone messages, the Israelis warn, "What is coming will be worse."

Israeli leaders have been mulling whether to expand the assault against Hamas in Gaza or respond to international calls for a truce. But Israel and Hamas are far apart on possible cease-fire terms.

Speaking to Israelis on TV, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "We need to be ready for a prolonged campaign."

Meanwhile, despite Israel's effort to destroy tunnels from Gaza, the Israelis say militants were able to enter Israel through one of those tunnels today. They say troops killed one of the militants.

Also today, the Israeli military said a mortar attack on southern Israel had killed four soldiers. Five other Israeli soldiers also died today, but the details on those deaths weren't immediately released.

Earlier, a strike on a Gaza park killed ten people -- including nine children. Israeli and Palestinian authorities traded blame over the attack.