Here's your chance to help in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis and eat some delicious food at the same time!

"We help people living with Multiple Sclerosis to live better," says Dawn Sauro, volunteer with Southwest Louisiana Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. "If they should need a wheelchair or customizable shoes, anything to make their lives easier."

It's the 14th Annual Justice Grillin' Hamburger Cook-Off happening at Parc International on Thursday, May 21 from 5-8 PM. $5 goes towards those who are fighting against MS, and it also gets you access to all the free hamburgers you can eat! Children five and under will eat for free! There will be music at the event as well.

There will be at least 10 teams competing in the event. The public will get to vote for the best burger.

"The disease (MS), it affects the brain, the central nervous system, vision, and it can cause quite a bit of disability," points out Sauro.