US Senator John Kennedy slams his Democratic colleagues in the other chamber who are contemplating whether to impeach President Donald Trump. Kennedy’s message on the Senate floor was direct

“The House leadership needs to urinate or get off the pot,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy made his comments after President Trump’s meeting with Congressional democratic leaders fell apart and led to the president holding a news conference telling the American people he will not work with Democrats unless they stop their investigations into his administration. Kennedy says if House leadership wants to impeach the President then do it

“The House leadership needs to indict the President of the United States, impeach him, and let us hold a trial.  He won’t be convicted.  Or they need to go ahead and hold in contempt every single member of the Trump administration so we can move those issues into our court system,” said Kennedy.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she came to meet the President to talk about infrastructure projects, but instead he took a pass. Kennedy hopes both sides can move past their political differences in order to produce significant legislation to improve our transportation system

“What I hope happens is that my friends in the House leadership and the administration sit down and talk, not talk like eight-year-olds in the back of a minivan fighting,” said Kennedy.

WATCH his message BELOW:

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