The Council discussions over the charter amendment to separate the city and parish into two councils have caused much debate throughout the community.

On the Council itself, Lafayette City-Parish District 4 Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux has helped lead the process along. Lafayette City-Parish District 9 Councilman William Theriot, meanwhile, has been a vocal opponent to the current separation process.

In the VIDEO ABOVE, the two men have a tense back and forth after Boudreaux calls for the two to move jointly to put money aside for a mayor of Lafayette, two additional council members, and an immediate movement to start working on the next charter amendment for the Spring ballot. Theriot defends his position and the conversation gets more heated.

During that time, Boudreaux claims Theriot told him "You need to go back where you came from" during the exchange, a statement in which he "considered and conclude was extremely offensive and foul."

The following is a press release from Boudreaux requesting a written and public apology from Theriot for "racist, discriminatory and unprofessional statement:"

Kenneth Boudreaux Press Release
Kenneth Boudreaux Press Release

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