Beachgoers in Gulf Shores, AL have gotten quite the surprise this week as 31 kilos of cocaine have been found washed up on the shore since Monday night. Authorities say the drugs could be valued over $1 Million.

The report from says that all of the drugs were found by people on the beach and the discoveries began happening on Monday.

Both state and federal authorities are working to find where the cocaine may have come from. As a result of the discoveries, Police in Gulf Shores have increased their beach patrols.

With Gulf Shores being such a popular vacation destination for families, it is crazy to hear that so many people are finding these drugs washed up along the shore. One has to wonder if all of the drugs that were discovered in the past few days were actually turned in to the authorities.

This just goes to show you how mysterious sea activity can be. With the Gulf of Mexico and the rest of the oceans being so vast, who knows if authorities will ever track down the exact source of the drugs.

See the full report from WKRG below.

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