An attorney from Lafayette has claimed the $191.1 million dollar Powerball prize on behalf of a three-member family partnership from the winning ticket in the October 25th drawing sold in Eunice. Louisiana Lottery spokeswoman Kimberly Chopin says the group opted for the cash prize.
"Which was $119.4 million dollars," said Chopin.
Chopin says the winning family wishes to remain anonymous, but obviously they are elated.
"They are a quiet family that doesn't want to be treated like celebrities," said Chopin. "But they love to travel and said they would probably upgrade a bit."
The family released a statement which said, "For those who say you'll never win, well never was on October 25th."
Chopin says the family member who bought the winning ticket was actually off-shore when he discovered he'd won. She says the winning family agreed that they would share any winnings.
"All partners decided they would play the lottery together, but if any of them won they would share," said Chopin. "So it was an oral agreement but it was a promise that was made good on."
The payout represents the largest single prize ever won in the Lottery's 26-year history.

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