For more than two decades Alton Trahan has served as the Lafayette Fire Department's Public Information Officer, and he takes his job seriously.

He says there have been countless times over the years where he knows that a smoke detector could have saved the life of the person inside the burning structure.

He adds that's one of the reasons he loves to be able to do his job; because he knows that in educating people he can save lives.


Alton Trahan says as a fire investigator he uses continuing education to help him deduce how fires start.


One particular item that Trahan and I spoke about is when children become curious and how that can lead to disaster. He says it's just one reason why educating parents and children about fire safety is so important.

In my final segment with Trahan, he shared with me about how educating young people and being a mentor to them is a way he can show love to our community.

After spending so much time with Alton Trahan, I find him to be a caring father, husband and public servant who only wants the best for Lafayette.