A Lafayette man is in jail for allegedly defrauding a Shreveport man over tickets to the National Championship game in New Orleans.

Caddo Sheriff’s spokesperson Cindy Chadwick says the victim bought a pair of near field level tickets from Michael Simmons for 3,600 dollars, but what he got wasn’t worth $3,600.

“On game day when the victim got to New Orleans to collect the tickets and go to the game the tickets were actually in a different section where the cost of those seats would be much, much less,” says Chadwick.

The actual value of the tickets for his nosebleed seats was $525, and Simmons refused to refund the money.

“Mr. Simmons would not refund his money so we initiated an investigation into this case,” says Chadwick.

Chadwick says the victim did not demand the usual verification for his purchase because Simmons came recommended by a friend. It’s a tough lesson to learn.

“He didn’t have the tickets in hand, he paid upfront, and when he got there he was probably right to refuse those tickets he didn’t take them, it’s not what he had purchased, that’s not what the agreement was,” says Chadwick.

Simmons turned himself into the Caddo Correctional Center today and is charged with Felony Theft in the amount of $2,600.

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