The law firm investigating sexual harassment allegations in the Broussard Police Department says former chief Brannon Decou violated the city’s harassment policy.

That’s according to a summary of that investigation provided by Mayor Ray Bourque.

In a letter to Bourque, Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, LLC, says the allegations reported by KPEL and other news outlets were “corroborated by information obtained through the investigation.” The letter also says department leadership did not pursue any harassment complaints. However, the law firm concluded that Decou’s actions were not illegal.

In as statement, Mayor Bourque says he, three council members, and five community members with law enforcement experience will form a committee to interview and recommend an interim chief. The city council will make the final appointment.

Bourque says going forward, Broussard Police Department employees will be required to undergo additional sexual harassment policy.

Meanwhile, a former Broussard police officer is suing the city over sexual harassment allegations.

Ryan Savoie filed his lawsuit on Tuesday. In that suit, Savoie accuses Decou of sending him "unwelcome, inappropriate texts, Snapchat messages, and Snapchat photos.” Savoie’s suit accuses Decou's assistant chief, Chris Galvez, of “frequently making sexually suggestive or otherwise inappropriate comments during conversations with staff.” The suit also claims Galvez asked Savoie’s wife if she would take part in a threesome. Savoie accuses Decou of telling him to resign or be fired after filing a complaint against Galvez. The suit continues by accusing Decou of calling other local police departments to blackball Savoie from getting another job.

On March 29, another another former officer, Taylor Jones, approached city hall with allegations that Decou sexually harassed him. Three weeks after that, Jones went public with his allegations. One week later, Decou announced he was going on leave pending the investigation.

On Monday, Decou announced his retirement effective June 1. On Tuesday, the Broussard City Council fired Galvez for not pursuing the sexual harassment allegations.

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