Crossing the street in a busy part of town during heavy traffic can be scary, but a new report says that doing so in Louisiana is scarier than most.

Smart Growth America, a non-partisan advocacy group that researches the safety of roadways in our country, just released their latest study.  The report, entitled “Dangerous by Design," took a detailed look into pedestrian deaths cased by a collision with a motor vehicle.  The data was used to identify poorly designed roadways and intersections that may contribute to these incidents.

They study found that between 2008 and 2017, drivers struck and killed 49,340 pedestrians in the US.  During that time, the Bayou State contributed 1,047 fatalities to that number, making it the 4th highest in the country.  In that span, deaths of this nature have increased more than 40%.

Biking has also become more dangerous in Louisiana.  According to the Center for Analytics and Research in Transportation Safety, bicycle fatalities have increased by a whopping 123% in the last 5 years.

According to the Daily Comet, officials say that while better planning and more clearly marked roadways would help drivers be more aware of pedestrians and bicyclists, everyone has to do their part.  If you are walking or riding a bike, try to be visible at all times and wear bright clothing or reflective material.  Make sure to make eye contact with drivers at intersections.  If you don't see their eyes looking at you, don't assume they see you at all.

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