The State of Louisiana will be receiving over $3 Million in settlement with Apple after the company slowed down iPhone speeds without telling customers. Over 30 states alleged that the company did not tell customers about a software update so that they would buy new phones, resulting in the $113 Million settlement.

The news was reported by @KLFY and you can see their Twitter post below along with the article here

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said that in 2016, Apple sent out a software update in order to keep phones from shutting down and extend battery life. The problem with the update was that the company did not tell its customers about the update or replace iPhone users batteries.

According to the report above, Landry said "Now, more than ever, it is important to hold Big Tech accountable for any and all questionable or dishonest business practices".

The exact settlement Louisiana will receive lands at $3,293,355.19, according to KLFY's article. Along with the money, Apple must give consumers honest information about the device's battery.

iPhone users know exactly what I am talking about. After using your device for a couple of years, things begin to change all-of-a-sudden. The battery dies more rapidly, the display starts to act up, I have heard it all concerning older iPhones.

Conveniently enough, the iPhone always seems to start acting up near the release date for the latest version of the popular smart phone.

Just about a month ago, my phone's speaker stopped working in an instance. So what did I do? I went straight to the store to buy the latest iPhone.

Was this the work of Apple trying to nudge me towards buying a new iPhone since I hadn't purchased a new version in years? Maybe it was just the nature of a device getting older and technology running its course?

Whatever the reason was, Apple is being held accountable for a lack of communication with its customers and I am very happy to see it.

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