The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement used the Mr. Charlie to hold some training classes for inspectors.  The historic drilling rig was the home for about twenty-five inspectors who took part in training on the drilling rig.

The Offshore Inspectors used Mr. Charlie as their classroom as the new inspectors are working to get as much training as possible under their belts.  The training sessions were held for inspectors to be able to learn in a setting that had equipment that was needed as the training was explained.

Mr. Charlie is a famous rig for many reasons including the fact that it is a museum, but it is also an authentic offshore drilling rig.  Not only government inspectors, but also other businesses from across the globe use Mr. Charlie when they are training their own employees.

The director of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement's National Offshore Training and Learning Center says those taking the class had the primary goal of learning how to properly inspect a working oil rig.