Medical marijuana products will be delivered to nine licensed pharmacies across the state on Tuesday. In order to be able to purchase the product, a patient will need to be diagnosed as having one of the qualifying conditions and have a prescription from a physician. Pharmacist at Medicis in Lake Charles James Thibodeaux says the process is similar to filling other prescriptions.

“We’ll receive it via fax and process it just like any other pharmacy would do for a prescription and we’ll be reaching out to the patient and calling when it is ready,” said Thibodeaux.

Thibodeaux says at first the product will come in a droplet form that goes under the tongue with three different strengths to choose from. Other variations of the product are expected in the near future.

“Everything from a lozenge to a patented film that dissolves in the mouth.  Then down the road, a metered-dose inhaler.  It’s wide open as to what they can produce.  Anything but smokeable flower,” said Thibodeaux.

Medical marijuana products are not covered by insurance. Thibodeaux says the going price for a bottle is between $90 and $200.

“Hopefully once we get rolling, the cost can go down.  Will all the testing, that is the biggest problem, is all the delays in testing, that’s not going to help with the cost,” said Thibodeaux.

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