Think what you want about Megyn Kelly, but she is clear about wanting to do a much different show than she did at FOX. So far, the show hasn't been a blockbuster in the ratings, but the recent sexual harassment scandals have helped Megyn get her footing on the new platform. I can tell you, the level of respect I have for her surged after seeing the show live in studio 6-A at Rockefeller Center in New York.

From the time you are checked-in, the experience is fun and geared toward having a "smarter conversation" with the audience. Megyn Kelly was not shy to come out and talk to the audience before the show and stayed after to take questions about what people liked and didn't like about the segments. The show started with an update on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, then moved to wounded warriors and wrapped up with the cast of Sesame Street. One of the guests was a wounded warrior from New Orleans who has spend her time since leaving the military helping homeless troops. It was a touching interview and a really good cause.

I got the opportunity to ask a question about election night coverage and it was featured on the Megyn Kelly TODAY Facebook page.

One audience member that stands out to me is someone who was sitting in the first row. She said she was from California and only came to the audience when she was approached with free tickets by one of the producers. She told Megyn Kelly that people in California don't like her and even she had preconceived opinions of her. She told the host that her mind was changed and that she now understood her more as a person. I agree. I have been around enough celebrities to know they are just like regular people. Like the general public, there are nice people and not so nice people. There are genuine people and fake people. Megyn Kelly was professional and informed and GENUINE. I predict this show will be a slow-burn hit that will rise to the TODAY brand that has been a staple on television.