The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is continuing their work on bridge construction in the Broussard area.

The ongoing work will require the closure of the middle part of Highway 90 at its intersection with Albertson's Parkway/St. Nazaire.

Today through this Friday, June 23, that middle area will be closed, so if you are traveling on Highway 90 in either direction you will be fine.

Those drivers coming eastbound on Albertson's Parkway will still be able to use that route, but if you are coming westbound on St. Nezaire, the signs will show that the detour is Highway 96.

This roadwork will be done at night, if the weather is not bad. Each night the work starts at 8 o'clock and will wrap up each following morning at 6 o'clock.

DOTD has an especially important note for emergency vehicles, and that is that there will be no access for them in the middle part of the roadway.

All of the work in the area, on this widening project is expected to be wrapped up by the Summer of next year.

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