A mini-petting zoo in Lafayette is the perfect stop for the kids this summer.

With the kids being out of school, trying to find things for them to do can get aggravating and expen$ive.

We've got something that will not only keep the kids occupied for a little while, but they'll learn and have fun all at once.

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The Rebel Mini Farms Non-profit Farm Rescue Facebook Page posted an invitation for people to visit them at their Zorrillo dispensary in Lafayette to enjoy the animals there.

As you can see in the photo above, this girl was able to bottle-feed one of the baby goats at Rebel Rescue.

The farm appears to have several goats and the cutest little pigs, perfect for fascinating young minds and teaching them about animals and animal rescue.

The petting zoo is open Tuesday through Friday from 9am until 5pm.

What other services does Rebel Mini Farms Non-Profit Farm Rescue provide?  GOAT YOGA!

Yoga has been practiced as a way to relax the mind and bring inner peace. Yoga involves exercise through controlled movement, breathing, and meditation (and goats, obv.).

The Goat Yoga sessions are $30 per hour.

Rebel Mini Farms Non-Profit Farm Rescue provides the petting zoo free of charge, so it's a free way to keep the kids occupied for a few hours.

Yes, it's a free service, but allow me to make a suggestion: donate a few bucks to the cause. Whatever your family can afford, even if it is just a buck or two per child.

I see Rebel Mini Farms Non-Profit Farm Rescue's free petting zoo as a win/win situation: the kids get hands-on experience with animals which should help instill a love of all creatures (that's a win!), the kids will learn about nature (another win!), and it will keep them occupied for a bit (another win!). The rescue agency will be getting some exposure when families tag themselves there in the photos they post online (another win!), and if every family who visits can drop a few $$ into the donation bucket, the rescue can continue its mission to help animals in need (another win!).

So it's actually a win/win/win/win/win situation.

If you are feeling generous, you don't have to visit the farm to help them. You can share this post so that everyone can see what the farm has to offer. You can also make a donation through the farm's mobile payment system as they take both Venmo and CashApp:

Venmo - Matt Grayson @Zorrilloco

CashApp - $zorrilloco

Rebel Mini Farms Non-Profit Farm Rescue is located at 103 B Row 1 in Lafayette, which is just off of Pinhook, near Bonin Road.

via WeGo,Here,com
via WeGo,Here,com

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