Our own Moon Griffon will get to do something he's wanted to do since he first took the mic 30 years ago - host a nationally-syndicated radio program.

Griffon - whose long-running program The Moon Griffon Show airs across Louisiana over multiple radio stations - will guest host The Dan Bongino Show.

"I'm truly humbled and honored that Dan is going to allow me to pinch hit for him," says Griffon. "I love listening to his show every day. He gets after them (politicians) and I do the same thing every day on my program. I'm just so appreciative for this opportunity."

Moon's radio relationship began with Dan nearly a year ago. It was back in July/August of 2021 that we began talking with Bongino's people after hearing the nationally-syndicated host focus on U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy and his push for the controversial bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed the U.S. Senate. Cassidy, who Bongino referred to as "a dreadful RINO senator" - was one of 19 Republicans to vote with the Democrats in passing the bill.

"Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy shows what cowardice looks like," Bongino said on his podcast. His "shocking comments...(on Trump impeachment trial) perfectly encapsulate the attitude of the Swamp."

Alex Wong-Getty Images
Alex Wong-Getty Images

Moon, who has been a critic of Cassidy since he "turned on Trump" and voted for the former President's impeachment, was welcomed as a guest on The Dan Bongino Show and made quite an impression as Dan loved Moon's "Psycho Bill" nickname for Cassidy and Moon's take on how ill-received Cassidy has become among many of his constituents.

Bongino even asked Moon if he would be down to guest host if needed.

"For you, I would fly to Florida in a second or do it wherever I've got to do it! It would be a hoot!" responded Moon.

Well, we fast forward to Wednesday, June 22nd. Cassidy came up once again as Bongino criticized the senator for jumping in with the Democrats once again, this time for gun control legislation.

"Shame on all of you," exclaimed Bongino that day.

Bongino also mentioned Moon and asked him to call in (LISTEN BELOW).

Later on in the show, Bongino welcomed Griffon on the air and the two briefly spoke about U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy. Dan also mentioned how much he wanted Moon to guest host his show.

Well, it's now happening! The Voice of Louisiana" will be heard across the USA on Tuesday, July 5th as Moon Griffon will guest host The Dan Bongino Show.

"I can't wait!" exclaims Moon. "Tune in

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