LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - Moon Griffon, nicknamed the "Voice of Louisiana," will be heard across the country once again on the Dan Bongino Show.

The Moon Griffon Show and the Dan Bongino Show have formed a great relationship since Dan jumped on the KPEL airwaves in 2021. From being a guest on the Dan Bongino Show to provide his unique take on U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy to helping field Bongino's dream interview with former USL Ragin' Cajun and New York Yankees pitching legend Ron Guidry to guest hosting the nationally-syndicated show on short notice, Moon has always been ready to go when the Dan Bongino Show has called.

"I am always ready to jump in for Dan any time he needs me too and I'm truly humbled and honored that Dan is going to allow me to pinch hit for him," says Griffon. "I love listening to his show every day. I'm just so appreciative for this opportunity."

And the two like to give each other a hard time as well. Bongino has referred to Moon as "the Louisiana Legend" and Moon has joked about Dan admitting to "turning in his man card" and drinking wine.

“Dan will cut up with you, like he has with me when he’s brought me on his show," says Griffon. "But I also appreciate how Dan not only holds accountable those in power but he does it in a hilarious way."

Well, Dan got one up on Moon earlier this week when he jokingly addressed Moon and asked if he would run for President in a fictional "new United States" - consisting of Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. Dan was making the point that the "old United States" would not leave the "new United States" alone and would undermine the new fictional government.

Listen to the hilarious segment below:

So, when will Griffon guest host The Dan Bongino Show this week? It will be on Friday!

What will Moon have on tap for the show? You will have to tune in from Noon to 3 PM on Newstalk 96.5 FM KPEL to find out.

"I just want to thank Dan Bongino so much for letting me fill in for him and for giving me this opportunity to speak to a national audience once again."

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