While the coronavirus pandemic has been going on, Moon Griffon has been calling on Governor John Bel Edwards to close down abortion clinics in Louisiana. But, not only are abortions happening in the state, the Hope Medical Group For Women in Shreveport's location is attracting vehicles with out-of-state license plates to the abortion clinic. That's according to Louisiana Right to Life.

During Monday's daily press conference with Governor John Bel Edwards, State Health Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry joined him to explain the announcement that restrictions would be lifted on some non-essential medical surgeries. During the announcement, Dr. Guidry was asked about the status of abortions while Governor Edwards stood and watched.

Moon Griffon:

"Dr. Jimmy Guidry from LDH says that abortions are being allowed during the pandemic for 'life-threatening' conditions and because abortions are “time-sensitive.” These are the talking points of Planned Parenthood! Abortion is never a life-saving procedure, but is always an elective surgery. Faux-Life John Bel Edwards just looks on and doesn’t say a word as his administration official defends abortion!"

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE then LISTEN BELOW as Moon explains why he believes Gov. Edwards has found a way to keep abortions going while maintaining his status as "pro-life."