Deputy Secretary of the Department of Public Safety Colonel Michael Edmonson says that Stephen Campbell, former State Police Department Deputy Commander, was selected by Governor Jindal to fill a new position in state government.

Campbell will be filling the shoes of Commissioner Nick Gautreaux, but won't be actually getting started until August 6th. Campbell has already begun working with Gautreaux to learn about the position and the transition.

Campbell worked with the LSP for more than a decade and the last position held was Lieutenant in the Transportation and Environmental Safety Section. After his retirement in 1987 to serve as a public safety and transportation advocate in Washington D.C. where he represented organizations such as the American Trucking Assosication, the Motor Freight Carriers Associations and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance during which time he helped develop policies affecting trucking and driver safety.

Since his return to Louisiana last year, he was re-employed by the State Police and served in the training program. He was also a part of the Louisiana Lean Six Sigma, which is a high performing team of leaders working to improve the delivery of public services to the public.

"I am pleased to have Stephen rejoin the Department of Public Safety as the new OMV Commissioner." said Col. Edmonson. "...I am fully confident in his ability to continue the positive changes we have implemented in OMV."

Campbell has already begun working on projects with the OMV and the first one that he has stated he is taking on is improving the customer wait time and satisfaction in OMV field offices. Since he has begun making this effort, 85% of the offices are now achieving a customer wait time of 30 minutes or less along with a 95% first time transaction completion rate (no need for a follow-up visit).

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