LABI represents businesses of all sizes in Louisiana and with that comes so many stories about why business professionals do what they do. The first guest on "Deep Dive" is former Louisiana Schools Superintendent John White. Earlier this week, we got to talk to Marie Centanni about the goals of the podcast and information about where to download it.

CLICK HERE to see the podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Read from the official release below:

For your listening pleasure, LABI has launched its own podcast series, each episode taking a "Deep Dive" into the origin stories of the policymakers, job creators, thinkers and doers shaping Louisiana. The inaugural episode features an "exit interview" with former Louisiana Education Superintendent John White. As we rethink the delivery of education and workforce training in the midst of this pandemic, the debut episode of Deep Dive is especially timely. It was recorded before the far-reaching effects of the "Stay-at-Home" order, but the lessons most definitely apply.

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