It’s a disciplinary action that has been around for years, but now a study involving Tulane University researchers finds that about three out of four pediatricians are saying spankings are no longer recommended.

Tulane associate professor Catherine Taylor says that the widely accepted punishment can have a negative outcome on a child.

"Positive outcomes are less likely and negative outcomes can occur, and so spanking leads to more harm than good for kids," says Taylor.

So what ill effect can spankings have with kids? Taylor says there are increased risks for child physical abuse, more aggressiveness, and problems with physical health and mental health.

"All these risks are raised," says the Tulane associate professor.

But Taylor says it’s important to remember that even though spankings are no longer recommended, discipline in a child’s life is still crucial and recommends consulting with your pediatrician for advice at to see what the best disciplinary actions are for your child.

Taylor also recommended finding age-appropriate disciplinary actions by checking the website for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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