What box are we putting Lauren Daigle in this week?

Technically, the 27-year-old is labeled as a Contemporary Christian artist, but her recent pop crossover success has only bolstered comparisons to the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse. So, is she soul? Is she R&B? Let's just say she's Lauren Daigle.

As music consumers, we sometimes feel the need to force things into genres, but artists like Daigle are simply focused on delivering something pure, which is genuinely a reflection of who she is—not only in her music but in life as well.

One of the best examples of this came from an interview Daigle did with People where she described the focus of her life and her music.

if it’s not fun, we don’t want do it. Where things are fun, that’s where your passion will be and it naturally spills to everyone around you

That's the first thing I noticed about Daigle. Her passion transcended genres and her sound had a way of going around and above any walls imaginable. I was always fully aware of Lauren Daigle, but after weeks of watching 'You Say' sit amongst the other hit records we were adding to our playlist from names like Cardi B and Post Malone I finally said: "Why not Lauren Daigle?"

Here at Hot 107.9, our focus is playing ALL of the hits. No color lines. No genres. Just the hottest songs in America—and at that point, it wasn't about giving a hometown girl a look. I had to look at Daigle's record for what it was.

A hit.

Daigle was an artist that I saw our followers tweeting and obsessing over daily. An artist that was featured on Ellen. An artist that dominated streaming and Shazam charts, both locally and nationally. An artist that just had sold out shows here in town over the holidays.

Even though no one else in town was playing her in their rotation, I went with my gut and added the record. Best case scenario, it would react wildly and we'd connect with our listeners who love her and introduce her to an entirely new audience who would become fans.

Worst case scenario, listeners would mistake her song for a new Adele record. It's safe to say we got the best case scenario after the record reacted instantly.

The product of Daigle's unique combination of fun and passion has definitely spilled over in a major way with the success of her most recent album, 'Look Up Child.' As far as those comparisons go, artists like Winehouse and Adele aren't only similar in sound but were some of Daigle's biggest influences while writing her album. Adele, specifically, is who Daigle credits as a person who helped her accept herself as a singer."

I remember when I heard Adele for the first time I was like, ‘Wow, wait, this is someone who has a husky register.' It was something I could grab a hold of.

Make no mistake, while there are many comparisons, Daigle is unapologetically her own artist and we're proud to see our hometown girl continue to make waves on a global level. This Grammy-nominated artist's music is touching lives in major ways and we're excited to see her continue to grow.

"Look Up," Lauren. Lafayette is behind you and we'll see you soon.

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