He was just trying to lend a hand to his community, now Norris Guidry is getting major recognition for his service.

Last week we shared the heartwarming story about the Acadia Parish teenager who would mow lawns for elderly and disabled people in his area. The Rayne Police Department gave Norris Guidry a "ticket" as part of a summer promotion with Frozen Rayne Snoball stand where they reward kids who are "caught" doing good deeds.

Norris was "ticketed" with an icy treat after he mowed lawns for locals, but his story caught the attention of a national organization called Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Services. The organization, led by owner Rodney Smith, Jr., rewards kids for mowing lawns for others who aren't able to do it themselves.

Rodney, who we wrote about when he visited Louisiana back in 2019, calls his program the "50-yard challenge" and he personally drove down to Cajun Country to recognize Norris and made him an honorary member of the Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Services.

The 50 yard challenge is basically a challenge that we have issued to kids nationwide and world wide to mow 50 free lawns in the community for the elderly, disabled, single parents and veterans. So, let's say a kid here accepted offered the challenge, they'll make a sign saying, I accepted the 50 yard challenge.

As part of his membership, Norris scored new lawn equipment including a new mower, yard trimmer, and blower.

While he's appreciative of the new gear, Norris says there is a bigger picture that he's focused on through his work.

I have a lot of family members that are old and disabled so it started off cutting their grass for free and stuff. And then I just wanted to go around and started doing it for other people, instead of just doing it for my family. My inspiration message would be like, don't give up, if you try and if you want to go do something, never, like, quit on it or whatever. Just go for it.

See more about the work that Raising Men & Women is doing here on their official website.

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