Last week, my bro CJ (99.9 KTDY) had a rather public spat. It may have actually been my first-ever "public spat". But don't look for this story on Entertainment Tonight on TMZ. This feud was all about the new vending machine selections at the radio station. We know how vending machines work: when you don't eat something it gets replaced. But CJ kept eating the oatmeal, cranberry, raisin, fiber cookies. I want my Gardetto's back. Game on!

Well today, my prayers (not really) were answered. In walks Gretchen Daniel from Komen Acadiana came in with some Gardetto greatness to get me through the election. Incidentally, our next guest, Kate Rountree from LGMC bariatric clinic was sitting in our lobby. I made a pact with her to not eat them all this week. I just hope this is enough to get me through the election coverage.

I'm so honored to be an Acadiana Big Wig for Susan G. Komen in our area. If you want to donate to the cause, you can test "ROB to 71777". If you'll be recovering the day after the election, you can also join us for the Election Recovery Party.