Katie Brenner and Erica L. Green are the reporters who brought the allegations against T.M. Landry College Prep to light in a stunning investigative report. The bombshell report came after they spoke to more than 50 sources and spent more than two weeks in Acadiana. Both Katie and Erica spoke to Carol Ross Wednesday on the Ross Report about their process and their takeaways from the story.

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From Tuesday, June 4th on NewsTalk 96.5 KPEL:

In a passionate interview on KPEL's "The Ross Report", T. M. Landry Board Chairman Greg Davis defended practices at the school in response to an explosive investigation by the New York Times. The investigation, which is featured on the new FX series "The Weekly", has made waves in the local education community. Davis equates the published investigation to fake news and often points to an investigation he calls "independent". By all accounts, that "independent" investigation (which cleared school operators of any wrongdoing) was paid for by the school.

The Times investigation alleges everything from abuse by at least one teacher to forged documentation being submitted with college applications. Some recommendation letters provided as evidence appear to show a great deal of exaggeration.

The probe comes after several recent videos went viral of T.M. Landry students opening acceptance emails followed by cheers of fellow classmates. Reporters decided to check out some of the stories and what they found were documented reports of abuse detailed in police reports.

Greg Davis, who is best known for being the former director at the Cajundome, says he first got involved with the school when he sent his grandchildren there. It's in an area that he says is underserved by the traditional education system. In his interview with Carol Ross, he is critical of the system and the way it serves the northern part of Lafayette.

Despite Davis' defense of T.M. Landry, some hard facts remain. In approximately 14 years of operation, the school has graduated less than 50 students according to the report. The year-round school has also moved locations at least 4 times according to records. Davis maintains that ACT scores speak for themselves and that the unconventional style of education is working.

Reports say that Louisiana State Police and the FBI are investigating claims of impropriety and abuse at the school. KPEL is working to confirm details of any investigations with the respective agencies.

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