Lafayette branding expert, CEO and regular KPEL News guest Jaci Russo is out with a course designed to ultimately keep kids safe online. After years of traveling the country and meeting with students and their parents, Jaci knew social media training was critical. When we started talking about the new online course, available now at, she talked about digital immigrants versus digital natives. Digital immigrants are parents who have lived most, if not all, of their lives offline. Digital natives are young people who have grown up in a world where there has always been the internet. We sat down for a chat about how crucial training is and why it's so important to arm kids with knowledge before they get into trouble online.

Here is a list of the modules and topics when you visit the website,

  1. Why Social Media Factors Into Our Lives
  2. 9 Challenges of Social Media
  3. Real World Problem
  4. 6 Benefits of Social Media
  5. 10 Steps To Social Media Safety
  6. What’s next

Watch our full interview below:

Enroll in the course now at

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