The City of Lafayette is filled with history.

Everywhere you turn, there's an historic building, a museum, a monument, or some other reminder of this area's rich past.

However, there are some parts of our city's history that's less visible. While these tidbits may have been forgotten, clues about them are hiding in plain sight. In fact, some of these historical nuggets have repeated themselves recently. We see others on a daily basis when we cross a bridge or pass a road sign.

Here are seven of Lafayette's forgotten facts. If you have any other nuggets you'd think we should feature, email me at

Seven Forgotten Facts About Lafayette

The area now known as downtown Lafayette was first settled 200 years ago. While the street grid of that original settlement is the same as it was then, the rest of the city has grown and changed exponentially. Let's take a look at some of those changes by taking a look at some of the forgotten facts in Lafayette history.

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These landmarks in and around Lafayette leave us in awe and, in some cases, make us think what their designers were thinking.

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