After a recent segment on the Sheriff's proposed sales tax in Lafayette Parish, a representative for the Police Association of Lafayette #905 sent this response:

In regard to the Sheriff tax that is being put out as a Law Enforcement Tax. In the beginning, the Lafayette Police Department was partners with Mark Garber and set to be on the ballot. Garber removed Lafayette Police Department from the ballot and claimed it was because there was no resolution from LCG council. Now he introduced the covenant and says that an Intergovernmental agreement (IGA) is needed to give LPD the supplemental pay. An IGA is only gained by it being introduced to LCG council and receive a passing vote that will allow the Mayor to enter into an IGA. A resolution is much simpler to obtain and that could not be accomplished. Should no IGA be agreed upon if LPD is left out.

Early voting is underway ahead of the general election on December 8th.

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